While “Experts” Like To Have Us Believe Germany Is Still In Drought – Real Observations Tell Us Another Story

Continued claims of a German drought have become preposterous.

During today’s Sunday walk, I observed how much rain we’ve been getting here in northwest Germany lately – see photos below.

Many of the farmers’ fields have become flooded, streams and rivers are at high levels and ditches are full of water.

Yet, some alarmists out there would like to have us believe Germany is still reeling from drought and that it’s too early call off the alarm.

In spring 2021, Germany received 175 l/m² precipitation compared with the mean of 171 l/m² for the 1991 to 2020 reference period. While March and April came in too dry, May saw unusually high precipitation compared to the previous years. The start of June has also been wet.

But in its most recent report, the German DWD national weather service again highlighted the ancient, wetter 1961-1990 reference period, because it allowed them to say spring came in drier than normal for the eighth consecutive year.

We’re supposed to think there’s still a drought and that all that water out there should just be ignored.

Germany in drought?

Another trick the alarmists use is a color chart depicting the drought intensity in across Germany, for 1.8 meters soil depth! And here the data are not even actually measured, but rather are modelled, as explained here.

Here’s what they want us to think the situation is like in Germany:

Chart source: UFZ

“Oh my God!” many people might think when they see the chart. “It is dry out there!” The media love using the above chart because of all the computer model-generated red color.

But what’s the reality?

Yet, when we check the chart for plant-available water development from June 4th, 2021, the uppermost 25 cm of soil, the story looks very different:

It’s wet! But the media never report on the above chart.

Photos of the German “drought”

Today I made some photos of the “drought” in Northwest Germany to show you just how dreadfully dry everything has gotten – because of fossil fuels, of course. (Note: sarcasm).

Entire sections of crop fields are under water from recent heavy rains:

Photo: P. Gosselin

But hey, our models tell us the ground is really dry – 1.8 meters deep – that’s what really counts!

What follows is not a picture of some Southeast Asian rice field. It’s Germany suffering drought conditions, the media like to tell us:

Photo: P. Gosselin

The tree in the next photo is definitely suffering from drought stress – due to manmade climate drying:

Photo: P. Gosselin

White asparagus (Spargel) is a German favorite at this of year. But this year’s harvest is being severely hampered by the North German drought now taking place (2 meters under the ground, models say):

Photo: P. Gosselin

German farmers are praying day and night for badly needed rain because their fields are so parched (sarcasm):

Photo: P. Gosselin

No, the following is not the Garden of Eden. It’s what drought-stricken North Germany looks like right now. Just ignore all the green color and damp appearance:

Photo: P. Gosselin

The windmills still aren’t working to rescue the climate – just look at how parched this field is:

Photo: P. Gosselin

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June 6, 2021 at 12:12PM

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