I am pleased to report that my latest letter has been published in the local paper, the Daily Echo, Southampton edition. Here it is: 

Has anyone wondered why Extinction Rebellion (ER) decided to make their protest outside the BP oil terminal at Hamble (Echo report June 2)  instead of outside the Chinese embassy? As we all know, the Chinese emit at least 25 times as much CO2 as the whole of the UK, and they continue to build large numbers of coal-fired power stations. If ER succeed in closing down British businesses then they will cause damage to our economy and simply export our jobs overseas to places like China and India who are still increasing their CO2 emissions, while ours are declining. 

ER want to destroy our economy and that is their number one objective as their leaders have stated. They must not be allowed to succeed as, if they do, we will all be very much poorer. 


If you agree with me then feel free to send a similar (or the same one if you like) one to your local paper. It is one important way to get this vital message out to the public.

via climate science


June 7, 2021 at 05:28PM

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