Electric-Bus Inferno In Hanover-Germany…Explosive Fire Causes “Millions In Damages”

Just a day before EIKE reported on burning e-vehicles in China, the electric vehicle curse struck in Hanover, Germany.

See video here.

A fire at a bus depot in Hanover caused millions of euros in damage. According to fire fighters, the fire broke out on Saturday afternoon at the Üstra transport company where electric buses were parked,

According to Üstra spokesman Udo Iwannek, the fire caused damage running in the millions. Five e-buses, two hybrids and two combustion engines were destroyed, as were also the building and the charging station.

According to the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Hanover’s administration wants to run only e-buses in the city center area by 2023 and is purchasing 50 new vehicles in a bid to reduce the air pollution.

E-buses have shown to catch fire very rapidly. For example, four shuttle buses in Guangxi, China, exploded into flames last month:

It’s really not a good idea to park e-buses close each other.

According to Jörn Künzle at Facebook:

Although fires can happen anywhere, they become critical and dangerous when e-vehicles are involved. An affected battery acts as a powerful fire accelerant due to a chain reaction and must also burn out completely, which can take as long as two days. In February, Kulmbach in Bavaria became the first German city to close underground garages to e-cars as a result.
Regardless of the many question marks behind e-mobility, the city of Hanover is pushing it by hook or by crook, and even more so under its Green mayor Belit Onay.
Numerous technical and practical problems associated with e-mobility are far from being satisfactorily solved. And anyone who is just a little bit familiar with the subject also knows that e-mobility is by no means as good as we are always led to believe, even from an environmental and “climate protection” point of view. And what’s particularly bad is that the left-wing green media are keeping quiet about the event.”

On the Kulmbach, Bavaria, e-vehicle fire, read here.

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June 11, 2021 at 02:43PM

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