Electric coach stranded at Eden Project due to no charge points

By Paul Homewood


h/t Philip Bratby


Monty Python could not have improved on this!



A fully-electric coach has found itself stranded in Cornwall after being unable to charge at five different locations across the Duchy.

The Carbon Battle Bus is on a tour of the UK and this week travelled from London to Cornwall but was unable to complete its tour after finding charging points did not work.

It came to Cornwall to tie in with the G7 Summit in Carbis Bay where world leaders have been discussing climate change and the need to reach targets for zero carbon.

Planet Mark, the organisers of the Zero Carbon Tour, successfully travelled from London to the Eden Project, a distance of 263 miles with one recharge, in the electrically-powered Yutong coach.

However, in order to make the return leg through the South West of England the coach needs a recharge.

But with 60 to 70 miles it has found that there are no serviceable chargers left on the network and the five that they attempted to use in Cornwall were unable to charge the bus.

Planet Mark said that this showed why there was a need for more investment to be made in infrastructure to help meet zero-carbon targets.



When Planet Mark talk about “investment”, they really mean taxpayers should fork out. If there are not enough chargers now, when the number of EVs on the road is miniscule, what on earth are drivers supposed to do when there are tens of millions of the blighters?

The article goes on to complain about charging stations that would not work, but this whole saga highlights just why the EV roll out will end up being a huge catastrophe.



June 14, 2021 at 03:33AM

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