“Nationals have not signed up to ‘net zero anything at any time”

Succinct quote from Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie being interviewed by Alan Jones on SkyNews 16Jun21.
Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie says the National Party – as the second party in the Coalition government – has not signed up to “net-zero anything at any time”. During the G7 talks in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “the destination is clear” and Australia is “moving towards net-zero”. According to Senator McKenzie, the destination is “not clear” to the National Party.

Remember the 1992 CSIRO paper that showed the Australian landmass is already absorbing all our industrial and other emissions of CO2. A concept that should assist the Nationals in bringing reality to weak-kneed liberal coll

Implications of the Globally Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Temperature for the Australian Terrestrial Carbon Budget: Integration Using a Simple-Model
Quote from Abstract – [The standard parameterisation of the model suggests that the changing CO2 concentration and temperature regime since 1750 AD has been causing continuous net sequestration of carbon into Australian live vegetation and soils. The present modelled rate of net sequestration is of a similar magnitude to CO2 emissions from continental fossil fuel burning and land clearing combined. The rate of sequestration is predicted to continue to increase until 2050 AD and beyond if atmospheric CO2 concentration and temperature continue to increase.]

Amazing how over the years no Australian politicians have used the above finding to say to the IPCC/Global GWclimate hand-wringers – “Just as Australia most certainly has to pay the costs of our remoteness – we are claiming this benefit of our large land area mostly unoccupied.”

via Errors in IPCC climate science


June 16, 2021 at 08:59PM

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