Public lands shouldn’t be set aside for radical special interests (ft. Rep. Westerman)

Public lands shouldn’t be set aside for radical special interests (ft. Rep. Westerman)

“Ppreservation is for art in an art museum. It’s for an old building that needs to be remodeled. It’s for something static that doesn’t change. That’s how you can preserve that. You cannot preserve nature because it changes on its own, whether we do anything or not. The only way you can preserve nature is you can take the cucumber out of your garden and boil it in vinegar and make a pickle out of it. And that’s preservation. But that’s not what we want for our forest [and] for our natural landscapes.” — Congressman Bruce Westerman, ranking member of House Natural Resources Committee

In Episode 187 of District of Conservation, Gabriella gets an update from Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-AR) – the current House Natural Resources Committee ranking member. He phoned in from the Bassmaster Classic in Houston, TX last Friday to discuss what he’s been up to, House Democrats rejecting his amendment to the INVEST in America Act, his concerns about 3030, the importance of distinguishing between conservation & preservation, bills making their way through committee right now, and how his 2021 spring hunting season went.

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Photo Credit: Office of Congressman Westerman

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June 18, 2021 at 11:00AM

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