Defund The Academics! CSIRO, Uni’s had worked with Wuhan Lab too (and they forgot to mention it for 18 months?)

Defund The Academics! CSIRO, Uni’s had worked with Wuhan Lab too (and they forgot to mention it for 18 months?)

Well here’s a surprise. A year and a half later and now we find out that Australian labs were also helping China?

Covid, Coronavirus, Bioweapons.And tonight, 520 days after China shared the genetic sequence of SARS-2, Australian scientists are suddenly very concerned about how Australia might still be doing gain-of-function work with viruses? Minister Greg Hunt is asking for a “review” of gain-of-function research in Australia? Did he even know?

It’s amazing what the power of a good reporter can achieve. Vale The Australian.

For 500 long pandemic days some publicly funded scientists had millions of reasons not to talk about how the virus might have been a lab leak.  These public servants may have been publicly scoffing at the idea the virus may have leaked from a lab,  but they didn’t think to mention that they’d worked with bats, and gain-of-function viruses and maybe the Wuhan lab itself?

Public trust in these esteemed groups might be about to dive…

The CSIRO has even been forced to correct itself. Somehow it didn’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the Senate Estimates Hearing.

The CSIRO has been forced to correct evidence it gave at a Senate estimates hearing after initially denying its researchers had undertaken work on live bats with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the lab at the centre of growing international concern it was the source of Covid-19. CSIRO chief operating officer Judi Zielke admitted the organisation had “undertaken research on bats previously”.

“Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness did undertake research on bats in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2016-17,” Ms Zielke said.

The same organisations with the same grant games to play wouldn’t have an interest in not telling the whole truth on climate models?

Go Matt Canavan:

Under questioning from ­Nationals senator Matt Canavan on June 3, the CSIRO initially gave evidence that it “does not undertake research on live bats at ACDP”. However, Senator Canavan later presented the CSIRO with an excerpt from a scientific paper written in conjunction with the Wuhan lab stating: “Wild caught P Alecto bats were trapped in Southern Queensland, Australia, and transported alive by air to the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Victoria, where they were euthanised for dissection.”

Something about the way we fund our scientists is seriously screwed.




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June 24, 2021 at 11:16AM

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