Take a look at this article on the BBC website – BBC Bitesize edits page to remove list of climate change ‘benefits’ – BBC News

It explains that the BBC has decided to amend its education website because of pressure from climate change activists by removing a list of potential benefits from a small rise in temperatures. How pathetic is that? Obviously the original facts were checked and agreed, so why do they now remove them? Clearly it is due to pressure. What should the public make of this? They will realise that this is a political decision which has nothing to do with actual science. It may lead some people to question the impartiality of the BBC in its whole approach to this subject.

The public aren’t fools. They know perfectly well that there are some benefits in some parts of the world to a slight warming of the planet, and clearly the BBC agreed with that too. But if children were allowed to be told this, then they might not be frightened enough to want to give up fossil fuels with all the massive costs and cuts to their life-styles.

via climate science

July 2, 2021 at 05:10PM

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