No Plan B: Germany’s Crazy Reliance on Wind & Solar Guarantees Mass Blackouts

Germany is a heartbeat away from a massive nationwide blackout, and yet its government is oblivious. Warnings from grid managers and its own Audit Office are being ignored.

Believing that it will be able to close all of its nuclear power plants as scheduled, the German government continues in its attempt to defy reality.

When Germany forced the shutdown of 11 coal-fired power plants, a week later it was forced to reopen them to avoid mass blackouts.

As Pierre Gosselin details below, the warnings of total grid chaos caused by a delusional over-reliance on wind and solar are falling on deaf ears. And there is no Plan B.

Power Grid Operators, Experts And Federal Audit Office Warn Of Blackouts As Coal, Nuclear Get Phased Out
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
23 June 2021

As wildly fluctuating, weather-dependent green energies come increasingly online, German grid operators and the German Federal Audit Office are warning the German government of power blackouts. But the government is ignoring the warnings and continues to insist everything is fine.

Grid operator 50Hertz, for example, warns of energy shortages as Germany continues to shut down its nuclear and coal power plants, which currently serve to provide crucial baseload power for the grid.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) refuses to heed the warnings and demands of the Federal Audit Office and the country’s grid operators, insisting: “All our studies show that, on the whole, we have sufficient power for Germany.”

“Momentous misjudgement”
But experts are calling BMWi’s stance “a technical and momentous misjudgement when it comes to power supply security, as will become apparent over the next few years,” reports the online Ruhrkultour here.

The President of the Austrian Society for Crisis Prevention, Herbert Saurugg, an expert for blackout and crisis prevention, says “the consequences of a blackout are being underestimated”.

“In Austria alone, this would mean damages of more than 1 billion euros in the first 24 hours. However, the danger of a sudden, supra-regional and prolonged power, infrastructure and supply failure affecting large parts of Europe is real. Help from outside is not to be expected.” reports the online Ruhrkultour here.

Power shortage warnings are mounting, “no Plan B”
The risk of blackouts are rising due to the unstable supply of growing wind and solar energy. The online Avantour reports:

Warnings of a massive power shortage are mounting. Three nuclear power plants are to be shut down at the end of the year, as are coal-fired power plants. Wind turbines and photovoltaic systems only supply electricity when the wind blows and the sun shines. There is no plan B to which energy policy can fall back.”

Germany will lose 50 GW of stable power
Experts have calculated that the phase-out of nuclear energy and coal-fired power generation means Germany will lose more than 50 gigawatts (GW) of stable power production capacity. Supply stability must be given higher priority, experts say.

Warnings of “considerable consequences”
Citing business daily Handelsblatt, “the energy industry warns of considerable consequences if the issue of secured capacity is not taken seriously.”

For power grid expert Herbert Saurugg, “the danger of a blackout is getting closer and closer if the government does not act,” reports Avantour.
No Tricks Zone

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