The following letter failed to get published, sadly. It was sent in response to a reader’s claims that we face a ‘climate emergency’.

Recent correspondent, Richard Russell, seems to be convinced that CO2 controls the climate, despite admitting that Al Gore’s video contained ‘weak science’. So weak that a High Court Judge decided that its errors were so serious that it must not be shown in schools without teachers pointing them out to students, as pointed out by Dave Christian.

Even if we accept that Human output of CO2 does need to be reduced to zero, surely we should all want to know the cost of such a policy and whether it will achieve that objective. An official estimate of the cost to the UK has recently been published by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) which is £1.4 trillion. The UK emits 0.9% of the world’s  human CO2 emissions, while China is 30% and has no policy to reduce emissions, just a vague non-binding intent.

Will readers be happy to contribute their £50,000 share of the £1.4 trillion, knowing that unilateral action by the UK will have no measurable effect on world temperatures or the climate?

via climate science


July 20, 2021 at 04:52PM

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