The Future of the Site

I want to apologize for taking so long to get to this. I’ve been out of town on a business trip and didn’t leave myself a way to access the site. Brilliant move, right?

I have talked to Mrs. Felix about the future of the site, and we will keep it up and running. There will be a few changes made. Most will be small, but there will be a few big changes as well. For starters, I will be moving the website (in addition to Evolutionary Leaps) over to my server this coming weekend. You may experience brief outages during the move. We are going back to the roots of the website in terms of content. That means the focus will be on climate, weather, and geology related news. Probably sprinkle in some space news. Gone from the site moving forward will be posts of a political nature. The exception being political news that relates directly to weather, climate, and geology. There will be no more political fighting on the site. If you want to fight about that, I’m sure you’ll be quite happy on Facebook and/or Twitter. There will be no more posts about Covid-19. Again, take it to Facebook/Twitter. There is so much to cover in the world that is interesting and enlightening. We do not need to bring toxic discussions to this place.

I am going to be setting up a news story submission page. It will be a simple form where you can include a link and a brief summary of the story. I will be looking for a few long-time members that are interesting in being news moderators. They would be responsible for monitoring news submissions and creating content on the homepage the way Robert did for so many years. I will be looking for someone (or two) who is interested in comment moderation. The person or persons would need to be able to set aside personal opinions and approve or delete comments based strictly on the community guidelines. We aren’t going to agree on everything, and frankly the site would get boring if we did.

I’m considering adding a component to the site that allows you to have your own account/profile. You’d be able to add friends on here and communicate with them if you wish. I would like to hear your thoughts on this. This would be something experimental. Hopefully it wouldn’t get abused. I have a few other things I want to try out as my schedule allows it. Your thoughts?

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July 22, 2021 at 08:53PM

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