UK Government Climate Czar Busting Covid Quarantines, Flights to 6 Countries on the Red List

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t William L – Rules are only for the little people? In a breathtaking act of COP26 Covid hypocrisy, Bojo’s Climate Czar Alok Sharma has had a flight schedule which makes an utter mockery of travel restrictions, and potentially puts British lives at risk.

Government climate tsar criticised for avoiding quarantine

Alok Sharma has criticised for avoiding quarantine on his return from a series of red list countries.

The Government’s climate tsar has travelled tens of thousands of miles over the past seven months to conduct business ahead of the Cop26 summit, but he has not had to quarantine in hotels after being in at least six red list countries because of a ministerial exemption.

However, Downing Street sought to defend the Cop26 president’s international travel and said it was within the rules for him to avoid quarantine on his return to the UK.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “As Cop26 president, Alok Sharma is leading climate negotiations with countries including major emitters to cut emissions and secure ambitious action ahead of the Cop26 summit.

“The majority of this work is done remotely but some travel to key countries for face-to-face talks is essential.”

The spokesman added: “Ministers conducting essential travel such as this are exempted from quarantine, as set out in the rules.”

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I wonder what kind of climate negotiations are so sensitive they can’t be conducted via teleconferencing?

If BoJo’s government is so willing to flout Covid rules when it suits them, what kind of omni-shambles will the Glasgow Covid26 event itself be?

Would you want to shake Alok’s hand if you met him, after his rapid series of visits to all those high risk countries? Or breath the same air as his advisors?

And what does it say to families who have been denied final visits to loved ones, if special people like Alok Sharma don’t even have to observe quarantine rules?

The physical COP26 event should be cancelled, or at the very least revised as an online event.

And for goodness sake someone please explain to Alok Sharma how teleconferencing works, so he doesn’t have to keep making excuses about why he and his advisors have to expose everyone in Britain and the nations he visits, to new Covid strains from red list countries.

Or perhaps Alok Sharma could come clean on exactly why some sensitive COP26 climate negotiations have to be conducted in person.

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August 7, 2021 at 12:48AM

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