Climate change causes arson in Greece, Turkey, Algeria and California


Arson must be one of the easiest crimes to hide by anyone half competent, but in Greece arrests are already happening. People were caught with cans of gasoline. There are so many fires, the Supreme Court prosecutor has called for an investigation into possible organised arson and is asking for sweeping investigative powers.  On social media people are blaming arsonists and slow or inept government responses.

In the media, people are blaming climate change, because if the world was a degree cooler, the fires would put themselves out.

Strangely, over in Algeria, strange things are happening too. The Interior Minister says 50 fires were started at the same time. In Turkey, recent arson is suspected to be a terrorist  activity. A few days ago the Israeli airforce bombed Hamas targets to “counter #arson attacks“. And in California a professor of criminology was actually tracked, caught and arrested for setting fires “on the edge” of the huge Dixie blaze. He might be nuts, but the others may have a plan. Has anyone asked them?

Apparently CO2 turns nice people into arsonists, but it’s surely also possible there may be other interests at work, or who knows, even hostile adversaries? Instead of asking: who could benefit — witchdoctors and their minions blame coal power stations on the other side of the world and pray to the God of Solar Panels for mercy.

As reassuring as they are these primitive rituals blaming fires on climate change goes off like a smoke bomb on the national conversation. While everyone is putting pins into the sixth element of the periodic table, we won’t be talking about reducing kilotons of fuel we leave lying around, near houses, birds and babies. Megajoules of stored energy is growing right out of the ground in towers for careless people, stray lightning, mental illness, religious extremists, and  foreign threats to turn into a pyroclastic nightmare. Maybe we should think about that?

Meanwhile on TV, the  media apologists are still talking about extended fire seasons but it’s a meaningless red herring. Fire seasons don’t run around the country lighting fires, they don’t fuel fires either.  The longest fire season in the world is probably in the Sahara desert, but sand doesn’t burn. The worst fires are where the fuel is, not the fire season.

Despite all the talk of how bushfires prove “climate change” the Australian CSIRO are experts on fires in the fireiest country on Earth and they admit — though only in the fine print discovered by Matt Canavan — that “No studies explicitly attributing the Australian increase in fire weather to climate change have been performed at this time.

Here’s a tip to CSIRO And all academic institutions around the world,  If you want people to trust the experts, you need to say something when journalists are telling people to stop fires with carbon credits and declare that “it’s the science”. Where The Hell Are You?

Patricia Claus, The Greek Reporter

The prosecutor of Greece’s Supreme Court, Vassilios I. Pliotas, on Monday called for an investigation into a possible organized arson plot on the part of a criminal organization after fires ravaged the country for the past week.

“The excessive number of fires, of unusual intensity and extent, that have occurred in recent days, resulting in incalculable damage to the natural environment (especially the forest resources of the country), buildings, facilities, agricultural land and crops and tourist Infrastructures, even endangering the lives of a large number of our fellow human beings, as well as the “synchronization” in their manifestation, create reasonable suspicions of deliberate organized criminal activity and not only of a simple, accidental phenomenon of incidents of negligent behavior.

Arrests  have already started in Greece:

Thomas Kissel, The Greek Reporter

Multiple people have been linked to arson across Greece, as fires rage through nearly every region of the country. Two people were arrested in Agios Stefanos, where fires are still currently spreading. The suspects were apprehended by the bridge of Agios Stefanos on Athinaias Street with a can of gasoline.

The suspects were unable to offer an explanation for why they had the gasoline and were escorted to the State Security. One suspected attempted to convince the authorities he was a volunteer firefighter.

In Theologos, where five attempts of arson have been made in the past few days, mayor Thanassis Zekentes said in a statement that “It will last for days because [Theologos] is a place with a dense pine forest and unfortunately there are not enough Fire Brigade forces since they are scattered in so many other areas.”

Deputy Regional Governor of Ilia Vassilis Giannopoulos believes that various fire fronts in the region are the product of a deliberate arson plan.

In Algeria there are many simultaneous fires and sadly a lot of deaths:

“50 fires starting at the same time is impossible. These fires are of criminal origin,” Interior Minister Kamel Beldjoud said on a visit to Tizi Ouzou.

Public radio reported the arrest of three suspected arsonists in the northern district of Medea and another in Annaba, in relation to other fires.

In California a professor was tracked, caught and arrested for setting fires:

Blake Montgomery, TheDailyBeast

A criminal justice professor allegedly went on an arson spree in Northern California along the edges of the gargantuan Dixie Fire in late July.

Gary Maynard, age 47, [allegedly] set a series of fires in Lassen National Forest and Shasta Trinity National Forest, …. California Forestry Department agents arrested him Saturday.  Maynard even allegedly attempted to trap firefighters between the fires he was setting and the boundaries of the Dixie Fire.

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August 11, 2021 at 12:43PM

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