All these years later and IPCC still depends on Argument from Ignorance

Thirty years later and the main two arguments of the IPCC are the Hockeystick and Ignorance Graph.

Essentially, the Chosen Expert Modelers look at the recent warming and say “‘we’re certain it’s CO2 because we can’t think of anything else”. Or more specifically, “we know it’s CO2, because our broken models don’t work without it”. Their models don’t work with it either but no one really cares.

These are the same models that don’t include any solar magnetic effect, solar wind factors or solar spectral changes. If the Sun was driving the climate, their models will never figure that out.

That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Figure 1b of thousands in IP6.

This is the classic fallacy known for a few hundred years as Argument from Ignorance. The more ignorant the climate researchers are, the worse CO2 looks.

Ten long years ago, I described how to create a crisis graph in 6 easy steps, and two IPCC reports later, nothing’s different. A decade after I put Argument from Ignorance into The Skeptics Handbook II, Skepticalscience (remember them?) still has it on their To Do list.

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via JoNova

August 18, 2021 at 01:54PM

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