Turbines use wind from passing traffic to generate power


ENLIL vertical axis wind turbine

Most of the traffic will be powered by the supposedly dreaded fossil fuels, but never mind. Natural wind can also play a part. It’s the impression of trendy modernity and conformity to prevalent climate theories that counts, presumably, as the amount of electricity produced will be limited, to say the least.
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Istanbul has installed wind turbines that generate electricity using the air turbulence generated by traffic, reports The Independent.

ENLIL is a vertical turbine developed by Istanbul Technical University and tech firm Devecitech have been placed on roadsides in Turkey’s largest city to harness the wind generated by passing vehicles, and to soak up solar energy at the same time.

ENLIL also uses its built-in sensors to keep track of temperature, humidity, carbon footprint, and earthquake activity to gather information for city authorities.

Thanks to its relatively small size, the device can also be installed in places unsuitable for traditional turbines, such as next to paths and on the roofs of high-rise buildings.

The project was developed by entrepreneur Kerem Deveci, who had a brainwave while travelling on the city’s Metrobüs network.

Full report here.

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop


August 23, 2021 at 04:27PM

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