Orange County Register Greenland Ice Melting Article Highly Misleading

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The Orange County Register ran an article Sunday August 8, 2021 addressing the issue of glacial melt particularly regarding the situation in Greenland and tried to connect this information to the “code red for humanity” hyped in the latest UN IPCC AR6 climate report with the Register article shown below.

The article has a general discussion of various Greenland glacial ice issues including faster glacial flow, side wall friction declines and increased melting as noted below.

The article closed by noting that scientists say that if all the Greenland ice melted that ocean sea levels would rise by 20 feet and then mentioned various ways glacier flow is measured as shown below.

What the article completely failed to address was any clearly pertinent information actually discussing the degree of Greenland ice melt that has occurred during the past several decades and more significantly any information regarding the extent of Greenland temperature changes that have occurred over the past thousands of years showing that natural climate change has had dramatic impacts in increasing Greenland’s past temperatures absent any UN IPCC “code red” man-made CO2 emissions hype with paleoclimate data regarding Greenland significantly increased past temperatures over the last 4,000 years shown below.

The settlement of Vikings in Greenland over a thousand years ago are also well documented but unaddressed in the Register article.   

“The Norse arrived in Greenland 1,000 years ago and became very well established,” said Schweger, describing the Viking farms and settlements that crowded the southeast and southwest coasts of Greenland for almost 400 years.”

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) provides detailed Greenland glacier ice mass balance data going back to at least 1986 through 2020 covering some 35 years of actually measured data with this information readily available in its reports as noted below from the report covering year 2020 outcomes.

This report summarizes the year 2020 outcomes for Greenland ice melt as shown below.

Additionally, the report provides Greenland ice mass balance outcomes over the past 35 years as provided in the reports graph shown below.

The DMI determined average Greenland ice mass balance loss over the period 1986 through year 2020 is about 133 billion tons per year which represents about 0.005% of Greenland’s total ice mass which means that at this rate of loss Greenland will lose about 1% of its total ice mass within about 200 years resulting in an increased ocean level of about 2.4 inches.

The ice mass balance loss of year 2020 was exceeded by 14 earlier years with the largest measured ice mass balance loss being 2.7 times greater than year 2020 in the year 2012. 

The Register article is highly misleading and tries to make in a very clumsy way a connection between recent Greenland ice mass loss and the UN IPCC AR6 “code red” hyped climate alarmist report with this AR6 report built upon use of flawed and failed “computer models”.

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August 26, 2021 at 12:24PM

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