Toronto Star on Unvaxxed: ‘Let them die’

Canada’s largest newspaper foments hate & hysteria toward the non-vaccinated.

“Let them die…I honestly don’t care if they die.” Those words, printed in letters larger than a normal headline, appeared on the front page of a Canadian newspaper last week.

They referred to human beings who’ve committed no crime. People who simply want to make their own decisions about their own bodies. People who’ve said ‘no thanks’ to fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccines.

When’s the last time the Toronto Star targeted any other identifiable group in this manner? Has it ever used its front page to declare that drug addicts who overdose don’t deserve medical attention? That cop killers with gunshot wounds don’t qualify for an ICU bed? That inmates serving prison sentences for heinous crimes should be relegated to a tent in hospital parking lots?

How about drunk drivers? Morbidly obese people? 2-pack-a-day smokers who develop lung cancer? How about gays who contract HIV/AIDS? When has the Toronto Star ever said that anyone, of any description, deserves to die from medical neglect?

Let us remember that many frontline healthcare workers and first responders don’t want these vaccines. They have their reasons. Large numbers of people of colour don’t want these vaccines, either.

Instead of helping us understand each other, a newspaper that once championed the common person and the common good is promulgating murderous bigotry.

August 26, 2021. The day the Toronto Star used its front page to promote death to the non-vaccinated.




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August 30, 2021 at 06:14AM

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