“Walrus Facts and Myths – A Science Summary for All Ages”

Book Review by Kip Hansen – 1 September 2021

If you have more than one walrus, do you say “Two walruses”?  Or is it like hippopotamus for which the plural is hippopotami?   Or should you just play it safe and not chance the plural at all?  Life is full of chancy choices all of which risk making one appear ignorant, uneducated or just plain silly.

Rejoice!  The inestimable and wonderful  Dr. Susan Crockford rides to your rescue with her latest book:  “Walrus Facts and Myths – A Science Summary for All Ages”.   Available at your favorite online book store. [ here and for our Canadian readers, here ]

No, that’s not a picture of me, that is a male walrus with the rough skin bumps common only to the male walrus – bumps which are called “bosses”.   Just one of the wondrous and sometimes wacky facts you, your kids and your grand-kids will be able to learn while reading this marvelous little book.  Just 36 fact filled pages, many with great photographs of walruses (yes, it is either “walrus” or “walruses”, but never “walri”).  

This new book is the second in Susan Crockford’s Facts and Myths series – the first was “Polar Bear Facts and Myths – A Science Summary for All Ages”.   As the walrus and the polar bear share much the same range, you will find some photographs of walruses and polar bears interacting. 

Crockford’s facts-and-myths format makes it easy and clear reading for younger readers and will help clear up common misconceptions about these interesting animals.  It is just as informative for adults – a book to pick up for a quick learning experience – all at once or one fact at a time.

My favorite editor shared my advance review copy and remarked: 

“A most interesting and pleasing book! I like the approach of myth vs fact … Easy to read, digest and learn from.” 

And it is that.  Put a copy out on your coffee table. Buy a hard copy for your children to read and re-read, so they can pick it up in a spare inquisitive moment. Donate a copy to your kid’s elementary or junior high school.

Thanks to Dr. Crockford for yet another strictly-scientifically-correct nature-related book – I’m already looking forward to the next in the series! I recommend this book to all of you. 

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September 1, 2021 at 06:33PM

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