Climate change stopping soldiers from training, warns military’s green tsar

By Paul Homewood



h/t Ian Magness


Heaven help our troops, with morons like this in charge!


The military’s green tsar has said climate change is stopping soldiers from exercises as it is increasingly “too hot to train”.

Lt Gen Nugee, who advises the Ministry of Defence on making areas of defence more sustainable, warned that on land, a warm year in the 2000s will “broadly” become a typical year in the 2040s.

He said this in turn will impact the military’s “ability to train, as we lose more days to being too hot to train”.

“In Cyprus, the projection is that all training will be lost in August to heat,” he said…..

In a speech at the Defence and Security Equipment International, Lt Gen Nugee referenced a recent study by the UK Met Office which identified that in temperate climates the number of days lost to training due to increases in temperatures is likely to rise by between 75 and 150 per cent by 2040.

Lt Gen Nugee also raised concerns that higher temperatures in the air resulted in reduced air density, which resulted in less effective aerodynamic lift. He said that the effect on take-off runs, in terms of reduced payloads and fuel capacity and reduced climb rates meant that “increased runway length is one potential outcome”.

He added that climate change needed to be made a priority “for all kinds of reasons including recruitment”, as he said that there will be many potential recruits who debate a career with the Armed Forces based on its commitment to tackling climate change.


How on earth does this idiot think the Eighth Army manged to fight in North Africa in 1942?

Temperatures around the world range from 80C below to 50C above freezing, so why should a half a degree of warming make the slightest difference to soldiers? They have to be prepared and equipped for every eventuality.

As for the nonsense about planes flying in hot weather, enough said!

I am sure though that youngsters will be queuing up to fight climate change!


September 17, 2021 at 03:48AM

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