AP: “UN: Climate pledges put world on ‘catastrophic pathway’”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Naughty China, India and Saudi Arabia have missed the date for submitting their climate change COP26 homework to the UN.

UN: Climate pledges put world on ‘catastrophic pathway’


BERLIN (AP) — The world is on a “catastrophic pathway” toward a hotter future unless governments make more ambitious pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the head of the United Nations said Friday.

A new U.N. report reviewing all the national commitments submitted by signatories of the Paris climate accord until July 30 found that they would result in emissions rising nearly 16% by 2030, compared with 2010 levels.

Scientists say the world must start to sharply curb emissions soon and add no more to the atmosphere by 2050 than can be absorbed if it is to meet the most ambitious goal of the Paris accord — capping global temperature rise at 1.5 Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) by 2100.

“The world is on a catastrophic pathway to 2.7 degrees (Celsius) of heating,” U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

Experts say the planet has already warmed by 1.1 C since pre-industrial times.

Dozens of countries, including major emitters such as China, India and Saudi Arabia, failed to submit new pledges in time for the report.

Espinosa called for leaders at next week’s annual U.N. gathering in New York to put forward stronger commitments in time for the global body’s upcoming climate summit in Glasgow.

“Leaders must engage in a frank discussion driven not just by the very legitimate desire to protect national interest, but also by the equally commanding goal of contributing to the welfare of humanity,” she said. “We simply have no more time to spare, and people throughout the world expect nothing less.”

Read more: https://apnews.com/article/europe-business-climate-environment-and-nature-paris-0d8ceb2d9805c3803e14c0070142ff59

My question, how long will China and India continue to play this emissions reduction charade?

There is no chance either of them will agree to a significant drop in emissions. China is determined to build the most powerful navy in the world, by some measures their navy is already more powerful than the USA. India is desperately racing to match the Chinese military buildup. Other powers in the region are not sitting on their hands, while everyone else tools up.

All that military buildup, and the industry which is required to support such efforts, should ensure CO2 emissions rapidly surge higher for the foreseeable future.

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September 18, 2021 at 12:20AM

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