Canada Election: Climate Skeptics Could Win The Balance Of Power

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

This Monday’s election in Canada will be unusually exciting. With both major parties neck and neck, the People’s Party of Canada, a pro-freedom right wing splinter group with a hard climate skeptic platform, has a real chance of winning seats in a very close election.

Trudeau warns against vote split in dead heat Canada election

By Anna Mehler Paperny and Steve Scherer

DUNDAS, Ontario, Sept 18 (Reuters) – With the Canadian election in a dead heat two days before the Sept. 20 vote, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Conservative rival implored supporters to stay the course and avoid vote splitting that could hand their opponent victory.

Both men campaigned in the same seat-rich Toronto region on Saturday as they tried to fend off voter defections to the left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) and the populist People’s Party of Canada (PPC), both of which are rising in polls.

The latest Sondage Leger poll conducted for the Journal de Montreal and the National Post newspapers put the Conservatives one percentage point ahead of Trudeau’s Liberals, with 33% over 32%. The NDP was at 19% while the PPC was at 6%.

Trudeau, 49, called an early election, seeking to convert approval for his government’s handling of the pandemic into a parliamentary majority. But he is now scrambling to save his job, with Canadians questioning the need for an early election amid a fourth pandemic wave.

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The People’s Party of Canada does not pull any punches when it comes to climate change.


Given the uncertainties over the scientific basis of global warming, and the certainties about the huge costs of measures designed to fight it, there is no compelling reason to jeopardize our prosperity with more government interventions.

A People’s Party government will:

  • Withdraw from the Paris Accord and abandon unrealistic greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.
  • Stop sending billions of dollars to developing countries to help them reduce their emissions.
  • Abolish the Liberal government’s carbon tax and leave it to provincial governments to adopt programs to reduce emissions if they want to.
  • Abolish subsidies for green technology and let private players develop profitable and efficient alternatives.
  • Invest in adaptation strategies if problems arise as a result of any natural climate change.
  • Prioritize implementing practical solutions to make Canada’s air, water and soil cleaner, including bringing clean drinking water to remote First Nations communities.

(Updated for the 2021 Campaign)

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The odds are not in PPC’s favour, with 6% of the vote on latest polls they are being accused of drawing votes away from the Conservatives, potentially handing victory to Trudeau.

But it is not just the Conservatives who have to worry. Trudeau has his own problems with vote splitting, with the left wing New Democratic Party snapping at his heels, making it difficult for him to field a platform broad enough to appeal to soft conservatives.

But with mainstream Canadian Conservatives firmly on the low carbon bandwagon, a vote for PPC might be a real option, if conservatives worried about power bills, fossil fuel jobs or the economy want to send a message to mainstream politicians that they are fed up with being taken for granted.

If voters have had enough of one of the coldest countries on Earth championing the battle against warmer weather, we could see a major upset, in which winning Conservatives have to compromise with a party which does not want to spend even a penny more on useless climate boondoggles.

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September 18, 2021 at 08:06PM

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