Britain’s “Diverse and Reliable” Electricity System

By Paul Homewood 


 According to Kwasi Kwarteng, we have a diverse and reliable electricity system:






Well, we used to anyway!


The chart below sums up exactly we and Europe are in the mess we are now:



BP Energy Review


Because coal power capacity has been squeezed out of the system, we are now ultra reliant on natural gas when renewables fail to deliver, with the inevitable impact on power prices which we are now seeing.

Meanwhile if the government is serious in getting energy prices back down, I would suggest the following actions should be taken immediately:


  • Abolish carbon pricing forthwith
  • Support the opening of new oil and gas fields in the North Sea
  • Impose an Intermittency Tax on wind and solar farms, so that they carry the full cost of intermittency, instead of the consumer.
  • Take action to increase the UK’s natural gas storage capacity
  • Abandon all spending plans for Net Zero, allowing money to be returned to taxpayers or energy users.

These actions would have an immediate impact on energy prices, as well as providing longer term energy security at little or no cost to the Exchequer.


September 19, 2021 at 07:24AM

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