Day 15: Vaccine Voices Film Festival

Canadian immunologist Byram Bridle addresses public rally. (3:10 min)


Thousands of people protested COVID-19 policies in Toronto (and many other cities worldwide) this past Saturday, September 18th.

University of Guelph immunologist Byram Bridle told the crowd that “generally speaking, I love vaccines.” But, he says, COVID-19 vaccines do not behave “like all of our traditional vaccines.”

Citing scientific data, he reports that boys aged 12-15 are at six times higher risk from COVID-19 vaccines than they are from COVID itself.

In May 2021, while being interviewed by journalist Alex Pierson, Bridle declared: “we made a big mistake” with COVID vaccines. That 9-minute podcast can be heard here.

Above video, by Bright Light News, may also be viewed here.


Read the intro to the Vaccine Voices Film Festival here.





via Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

September 20, 2021 at 01:13AM

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