BoJo Scolds World Leaders for Lacklustre COP26 Climate Finance Commitments

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

As Britain turns to coal to fend off blackouts during the Europe wide wind drought, British PM Boris Johnson has scolded other world leaders for not agreeing to a shutdown of the coal industry.

Boris Johnson rebukes world leaders on climate change and warns history will judge them

By Bevan Shields
September 21, 2021 — 6.40am

London: A “frustrated” Boris Johnson has chastised fellow world leaders for shirking a key pledge to tackle climate change, warning history will judge them if they fail to step up.

The British Prime Minister, who hopes to make a breakthrough at November’s Glasgow climate summit a landmark achievement of his prime ministership, used a United Nations address to blast rich countries for not giving developing nations $US100 billion ($137 billion) a year to combat global warming.

Johnson said he was angry at the failure to meet the Paris Agreement promise because it was central to limiting the damaging impacts of climate change.

“Over the past year we’ve come together many times to discuss climate change,” he said. “So you know by now how this conversation goes.

“I talk about the need to rid the world of coal-fired power and internal combustion engines, the need to stop deforestation, and for developed nations to find that $US100 billion.

“And everyone nods and we all agree that something must be done. Yet I confess I’m increasingly frustrated that the ‘something’ to which many of you have committed is nowhere near enough.

“And while progress is being made all over the world, the gulf between what has been promised, what is actually being delivered, and what needs to happen … it remains vast.”

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If it wasn’t for coal, the lights would have gone out this week over much of Britain.

Renewables cannot produce when there is no wind or sunlight. No economically plausible battery could keep the lights on for days on end.

And prolonged wind droughts are not that unusual. In 2018, Britain experienced a nine day wind drought, just like the current wind drought.

Renewables will never be a fit replacement for reliable electricity. Every prolonged wind drought or renewable generation disaster is just more evidence that renewables are unfit for purpose.

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via Watts Up With That?

September 21, 2021 at 12:25PM

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