Dear Wiki: Time to Correct

In my social media discussions and debates, my opponents do a quick check on the Institute for Energy Research (IER) to fire back at my criticisms. This one from this week follows:

Bradley: Leave fossil fuels alone then…. Energy density is key.

Paul Bryan: EXACTLY the fallacious argument that the propaganda was designed to promote. Well done!

But hardly surprising coming from IER:

“IER is often described as a front group for the fossil fuel industry. It was initially formed by Charles Koch, receives donations from many large companies like Exxon, and publishes a stream of reports and position papers opposing any efforts to control greenhouse gasses.” – Wikipedia Entry for IER

Bradley: First, why ad hominem? I will not use that on you. Just the arguments, and energy density is a huge one.

The Wiki piece quoted above is factually wrong, and they will not correct it.

I am a classical liberal; IER is a classical liberal think tank espousing time-honored and solid arguments that are pro-consumer, pro-entrepreneur, and taxpayer-neutral. And no initiation of force between consenting adults!!

And meanwhile, wind and solar are causing energy crises from Texas to California to the UK–and tearing up the landscape.

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September 21, 2021 at 04:54PM

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