“Insulate Now” Climate Radicals Block Imports of Insulation

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Insulate Now, an Extinction Rebellion Splinter Group, thinks the smart way to convince Britons to insulate their homes is to block the largest port in Britain.

Port of Dover: Arrests made as Insulate Britain blocks port

Thirty nine people have been arrested after climate activists blocked Dover port, causing queues of vehicles attempting to cross the Channel.

Insulate Britain, which has brought chaos on the M25 five times in the past fortnight, said more than 40 people had gathered.

The Kent port – Europe’s busiest ferry terminal – said passengers should take extra time for their journeys.

The main protest began at 08:20 BST and was cleared by police two hours later.

One lane of the A20 remained blocked afterwards, as two protesters were sitting on top of a tanker with their hands glued to the vehicle.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-kent-58676610

Extinction Rebellion, well they’re basically just a form of street theatre. One of their leaders admitted she drives a diesel, and they regularly make excuses for celebrity supporters who fly across the Atlantic to join their anti-flying protests. Not exactly leading by example.

I have no idea who Insulate Now really are. They’re just so different. And they don’t seem to be very good at communication. Perhaps that is why they split off from Extinction Rebellion – nobody understood what they wanted, so they got mad and left.

The real question, is what will the next splinter group be? How do a group of ambitious environmentalists differentiate themselves from “Extinction Rebellion” and “Insulate Now”?

Perhaps we can help them out, and think of a name and mission for the next splinter group. I’ll add a link to the funniest suggestions to the bottom of this article, judged by upvotes. Please keep it family friendly. Bonus points if a real group plagiarises your suggestion.

What will be the name and mission of the next headline grabbing climate splinter group?

Like this:

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September 25, 2021 at 08:35AM

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