Village homeowners may have gas forcibly cut off if they refuse to take part in hydrogen trial 

Eco house with hydrogen heating technology. [Image credit:]

At three times the price of natural gas, being cut off from hydrogen sounds like an option worth considering for householders. Electric heat pumps are promoted as an expensive alternative, as so-called climate policies continue to be bulldozed through regardless of affordability.
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Homeowners who refuse to take part in a hydrogen energy trial will be forcibly cut off by gas network operators, under Government plans to test green heating alternatives, says The Telegraph (via VNExplorer).

Residents in one village will begin the pilot scheme by 2025 to help the Government assess whether hydrogen gas can be used as a low-carbon alternative for heating homes across the country.

Ministers insisted the powers to enter people’s homes and switch off their gas would only be used as a “last resort” if the homeowners had refused to engage with any other options.

A consultation, which ended this week, suggests the Government will seek powers to allow gas distribution networks to enter homes if their owners do not wish to take part in the trial, in order to safely switch them off from the gas grid.

Current powers enable network operators to enter premises for a variety of purposes, including for suspected gas leaks or inspecting pipes and fittings.

Hydrogen, which is lighter and more flammable than natural gas, requires homeowners to replace their hobs, ovens, gas fires and pipes to ensure they operate safely.

The Government has vowed to tackle emissions from our homes in its plans to reduce greenhouse gases by 78 per cent by 2035 and to get to net zero by 2050.

Around 85 per cent of British homes use natural gas, which is mostly methane, for heating and cooking, accounting for around 14 per cent of the UK’s emissions.

Viable alternative to natural gas

The Government has suggested that hydrogen could prove a viable alternative to natural gas in some homes, depending on the outcome of trials to assess its safety and viability.

Hydrogen is a more explosive fuel than natural gas, although energy companies say it can be made equally safe with retrofits to the network.

It is expected to support the rollout of heat pumps as the main alternative to gas boilers when its heat and buildings strategy is introduced later this year.

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October 3, 2021 at 03:42AM

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