The Institute for Energy Research: Becoming a Full Time Organization (Part III)

Ed. note: The third part in this series covers IER as a full-time organization, which occurred in 2002, some 13 years after its founding (in 1989). Part I covered the history of the Institute for Humane Studies–Texas, the forerunner to IER. Part II reviewed the formation and early history of IER in Houston, Texas.


Q1. Roger Donway: The last interview explained your dual life as a full-time employee of Enron Corp. and the president of the “think bucket” IER. How did IER emerge full time?

A1. Robert Bradley Jr.: My Enron life ended a day after the company declared bankruptcy on Sunday December 1, 2001. I was part of the mass layoff the next day. Some 4,000 of us were let go where we got the news and had an hour or two to clear out our desks.

So the full-time date of IER was December 2, 2001, right at the beginning of the holiday season, incidentally.

Q2. So you had a job, a title, and work to do.

A2. Yes, and a desk and office at my home. What I needed was contributions to support myself full-time. That is when I decided to write a “lessons learned” book about Enron, something different from what the others with agents and book contracts were planning to write.

Q3. Certainly you were the person to do that. Would this be an IER project.?

A3. The tie-in was Enron as the corporate champion of climate alarmism, solar power, and wind power, and political capitalism write large, a story I have detailed in blogs, essays, interviews, and books.

Q4. And also at your website,

A4. Yes.

Q5. So how did the fundraising go for the political Enron book as your entrée to full-time IER?

A5. There were fits and starts. At one point, I thought I had attracted funding to join the Baker Institute at Rice University to write the book. It fell apart at the last minute, which was a blessing in disguise.







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