Delta Growth

The Delta variant is changing and adds new mutations. The consensus sequence according to Pango has 30 mutations now. Notice that there are multiple definitions of Delta. The W.H.O defines the Delta differently – as Pango B.1.617.2. Pango B.1.617.2 is not Delta, but the top node of multiple lineages, also included in the Delta (AY.1, AY.2, … AY.30, …). The consensus sequence of B.1.617.2 has fewer mutations.

The real world has Pango Delta. The current Delta sequence (See the Characteristic mutations of Delta), including all the characteristic mutations, is dominant in the US, UK, and worldwide.>70% in the US

USA, snapshot 2021-10-17

>90% in the UK

>80% Worldwide

(the sampling is biased)

Characteristic mutations of Delta
gene amino acid
ORF1a A1306S
ORF1a P2046L
ORF1a P2287S
ORF1a V2930L
ORF1a T3255I
ORF1a T3646A
ORF1b P314L
ORF1b G662S
ORF1b P1000L
ORF1b A1918V
S T19R
S E156G
S del157/158
S L452R
S T478K
S D614G
S P681R
S D950N
ORF3a S26L
M I82T
ORF7a V82A
ORF7a T120I
ORF7b T40I
ORF8 del119/120
N D63G
N R203M
N G215C
N D377Y

The content of this article reflects the situation on the date of publication.

via Science Defies Politics

October 17, 2021 at 09:03PM

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