Anti Forced-Vaccine protest in Perth WA Friday 11am

Friday 11am, Anti Mandatory Vaccination

Parliament House Western Australia


60% of the state is double vaccinated, and the deadline to comply will be Jan 31, 2022. People who don’t obey will be fined an extraordinary $20,000 and their employers $100,000. This effectively gives people a “choice” (not) and thus, I assume, legally they won’t be able to sue for wrongful dismissal.

Mandatory vaccination to be introduced for most WA workers, Mark McGowan says

Vaccination will become mandatory across a range of new industries covering about 75 per cent of WA’s workforce, with employers and employees facing fines if they do not comply.

This includes:

cross-border freight workers (high and extreme risk locations only) public and private hospitals and public healthcare facilities primary and community health onsite resources sector workers border and air transport staff working in or entering remote Aboriginal communities community care services corrective services staff, police Fire and Emergency Services (excluding volunteers) abattoirs and meat processing workers

It followed an announcement yesterday that the WA government would mandate the vaccine for 75 per cent of the state’s workforce.

WA’s move to mandate vaccine ahead of most […]

via JoNova

October 21, 2021 at 06:31AM

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