Record Grain Harvest In India

By Paul Homewood


India has hit another record high for production of food grains this year:




Output is measured from July to June, so this year’s record is a reflection of the bountiful monsoon last year.

This year’s monsoon has also been good. Measured over the traditional June to September period, rainfall was spot on the average. However, the monsoon actually continued well into October, officially ending on Oct 25th, the seventh-most delayed retreat since 1975.


daily evolution of All India Summer Monsoon Rainfall, cumulative, 2021

All India Rainfall – 2021

As a result, next year’s harvest is also expected to be good.


NEW DELHI: The recently-concluded normal monsoon season will provide a much-needed cushion to both India’s agriculture and inflation in 2021-22, said India Ratings & Research (Ind-Ra) in a report. According to the report, the arrival of the new kharif [Autumn harvest] output in the market, along with a cut in the import duties for edible oils, will help in keeping food inflation benign.

Long term monsoon rainfall trends show little movement one way or the other. The notably dry period in the 1960s through 1980s was a direct result of global cooling, which pushed the tropical rainfall bands towards the equator.

All India Summer Monsoon Rainfall based on IITM/IMD homogenous Indian monthly rainfall data


October 26, 2021 at 09:51AM

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