Joanna Lumley Calls For Wartime Rationing To Tackle Climate Change

By Paul Homewood


Joanna Lumley has called for a return to rationing to combat climate change.

The Absolutely Fabulous star suggested legislation is needed ‘for the sake of this beautiful Earth’.

‘These are tough times,’ she said. ‘We might even have to go back to some kind of rationing, where you’re given a certain number of points and it’s up to you how to spend them – whether it’s buying a bottle of whisky or flying in an aeroplane.’

Miss Lumley, 75, who has campaigned against single-use plastic, also said people should cut back on weekend breaks abroad and stop eating meat.

What “weekend breaks abroad”? It shows just how out of touch these luvvies are, that they think normal people regularly jet off to Spain every weekend.

And we can safely assume that she and her chums won’t be ditching their lifestyle any time soon, and living like the rest of us.


October 27, 2021 at 03:09AM

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