Glasgow Airport Threatened By 26 Feet Sea Level Rise

By Paul Homewood



I expect this reporter also thinks there are fairies at the bottom of the garden!


Glasgow airport, where world leaders will land to attend the Cop26 climate change conference, risks sinking into the sea because of global warming, sustainability experts have warned.

The chances of the airport being caught out by rising sea levels will be significantly increased by 2050, according to the analysis by S&P.

Analysts looked at the threat of wildfire, coldwave, heatwave, water stress, flood, and rising sea levels.

The airport scored 70 out of a maximum 100 in terms of risk exposure by 2050 in total.

The biggest jump would be the threat of rising sea levels, which will increase from 3 in 2020 to 43 in 2050. The threat of a heatwave was just 15, however.

Steve Bullock, of S&P Global Sustainable1, said: “Cop26 in Glasgow will see world leaders and CEOs from across the business and investment community arriving into Glasgow airport, and it may not seem an obvious step to look to a future where sea level rises could present a significant risk to this location. However, the data tells us a different story.

“When we look at a global picture of flights cancelled and disrupted this year due to extreme weather-related hazards, it reinforces that it is vital to look to evidence-based insights and advanced analytics to support adaptation strategies to mitigate the exposure to these risks before they are realized.” 



I don’t know who is worst. The idiots from S&P, who wrote this drivel, or Oliver Gill, Chief Business Correspondent for believing it.

Can readers have faith anymore in any business reporting in the Telegraph, if this is the quality of their journalism? It would only have taken a minute for Gill to check the altitude at Glasgow Airport, which is 8m:


Even using the most absurd projections, sea levels will only have risen by a few inches by 2050.

As for heatwaves, Glaswegians must be falling around laughing, given the record temperature is just 89F. The vast majority of cancelled flights there are due to snow and ice.

As for S&P, they claim to offer clients “in depth market intelligence”. Investors would be better advised to go to the local kindergarten, if that’s the best they can do.


October 30, 2021 at 02:33PM

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