Iran Climate Agreement Demand: No Sanctions and Free US Technology

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

In the wake of John Kerry agreeing to give US technology away to China, Iran has put in a demand for its own share of the loot.

Climate change: Iran says lift sanctions and we’ll ratify Paris agreement

By Matt McGrath
Environment correspondent

Iran will ratify the landmark Paris agreement on climate change only if sanctions against it are lifted, a senior leader has told the BBC.

Ali Salajegheh said sanctions were impeding Iran in areas like renewable energy.

Iran is the world’s eighth largest CO2 emitter, yet is one of the few countries not to ratify the Paris pact. 

Emissions have soared in recent years as overseas investments in renewable energy have collapsed. 

The government has also violently suppressed protests about water shortages.

“If the sanctions are removed, then we have a commitment towards the international community, it is at that time that they can transfer modern technology and finance to us especially in the area of renewable energy so we can modernise our deteriorating infrastructure,” he told BBC News. 

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I’m sure Iran will provide a solemn assurance that the technology gifted over to them by John Kerry’s climate crusade will not be used to harm US interests.

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November 11, 2021 at 08:06PM

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