Request to readers: Alert us to the best climate change videos and podcasts

We are going to be adding a media section. This section will highlight the best videos and podcasts related to the climate change discussion. While I already have my own personal list that I will include, I want to give readers a chance to weigh in on their favorites. Part of the reason for doing this is that quality climate skeptic videos get suppressed by “woke” search engines. We want to make them easy to find here.

Just a couple of requests:

1. Any video/podcast that looks/sounds like a rant won’t past muster here. For example, one former commenter who routinely claimed to have found “a new paradigm” will be automatically excluded. Along those same lines, anything that claims planetary atmospheric pressure is the cause, or that barycentrism rules, or a host of other “out there” crackpot theories that we have debunked here over the years will automatically get passed over.

2. Any video/podcast that claims “hoax”, “fraud” etc. also won’t do. I want content that discusses the science and the issues factually and rationally without stooping to mudslinging, namecalling, and derogatory commentary. There are plenty of places where these videos and podcasts exist, and some are very popular. Just like global warming aka catastrophic climate change itself is a popular belief, just becuase it is popular, doesn’t mean we should include it.

3. If you submit a video/podcast, be mindful of anything behind paywalls. Also, since the WUWT staff may not have time to fully review each and every one, if you can provide a brief summary, it would be helpful. All we need is a working link and a description.

That’s it. For starters, and as an example of quality content, here is one we will be including:

P.S. We may include a category that is comedy/satire, so consider that too. Likewise, we may include videos where the presentation is simply flat wrong, but we’ll need the “why” in detail ahead of time. If that happens, it is likely to be a second round effort. Also, don’t try to make sense of the header picture in this post related to any of this. I simply liked the clouds and couldn’t find anything representative that worked any better. – Anthony

Like this:

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via Watts Up With That?

November 21, 2021 at 11:55AM

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