Bad Weather Station Siting – Even on #Yellowstone

As you know, I’ve covered a lot of badly sited wetaher stations here on WUWT, and as a rule, there are far more badly sited wetaher stations close to asphalt, concrete, air conditioners and other heat sinks and sources than there are properly sited stations. The ratio is about 8 to one, with the bad outnumbering the good.

Tonight, I’ve watching TV, the series “Yellowstone” on Paramount network, and a weather station caught my eye. It is a Davis Vantage Pro2 with a solar powered fan aspirated radaiation shield for the temperature sensor.

Davis Weather Station – next to the road

I was a bit surprised to see it, but what came in the next scene was truly a suprise – an MMTS – The instrument used by NOAA to record the high and low temperature for the day. It’s often called a beehive. Here is an example:

MMTS sensor. Source:

Here it is in the scene:

MMTS on the pole to the right of the person – next to the road and the ground level power transformer.

Fortunately, the episode of the program repeated about two hours later, and I was able to snap the shots off my TV as you see above. The MMTS is next to the road and the ground level power transformer. One wonders how much waste heat that transformer imparts to the sensor?

The location is the Four Sixes ranch in Guthrie, Texas.

According to NOAA’s HOMR database, it is indeed at the ranch:

You can see it on Google Earth here:,-100.3371247,217m/data=!3m1!1e3

I just found it interesting that such a thing would show up in a popular TV show, and I’m probably the only one that noticed.

Like this:

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November 22, 2021 at 12:13AM

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