Britons face £15,000 bill for heat pump upgrade – report exposes ‘significant’ hidden cost

By Paul Homewood


 Perhaps the Express should have been reading this blog years ago, which has been warning about these astronomical costs:




BRITONS have been warned they face forking out up to £15,000 for the installation of heat pumps, despite cheaper alternatives offering the same comfort and benefits, Mike Foster, CEO of the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), has told

A new report published by the non-profit Energy and Utilities Alliance has highlighted the exorbitant costs households face in the push for cleaner, greener homes. As part of the Government’s commitment to a net zero economy by 2050, Britons are being encouraged to do away with their polluting gas boilers in favour of carbon-free alternatives. One such alternative are heat pumps take energy from the outside and transfer it into heat that can be circulated around the home.

Although a relatively new introduction in the UK, heat pumps have garnered a lot of sympathy from environmentalists because of their efficiency and reduced emissions.

And yet, according to the EUA, households that opt to replace their gas boilers with heat pumps potentially face a five-fold cost increase, when compared to hydrogen-ready boilers.

In its report, the trade association claimed households can presently expect to pay up to £15,000 for the transition, depending on their household.

The eco-friendly boilers can range in price anywhere from £6,000 to £27,000 and more, and that does not include a number of other upgrades and hidden costs involved.

According to Mike Foster, Chief Executive Officer, the choice between the two options is obvious: hydrogen-ready boilers are the way forward.

He told "The problem that the vast majority of homes face, is that if we go down the route of installing heat pumps, to get the effectiveness of heat pumps most homes will have to undergo significant upfront costs in terms of meeting energy efficiency requirements and new heat distribution systems.

"So, new radiators, possibly new pipework, and almost certainly a hot water cylinder where homes don’t have one at the moment.

"And those are significant upfront, one-off costs that add up to a sum of money that, frankly, most households can only dream of having at their disposal."

The disparity between the two options comes down to the additional energy efficiency measures and hidden costs associated with heat pumps.

These can include the need to install hot water cylinders and new radiators, and in a worst-case scenario, new internal pipework.

The EUA is pushing hydrogen ready boilers as an alternative. But these are no better.

The problem with hydrogen is not the cost of boilers, which are essentially little different to conventional ones. The real issue lies with the crippling cost of producing the gas in the first place, as well as the overwhelming difficulties associated with storing it.


November 22, 2021 at 03:27PM

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