Claim: Climate Fanatic Teacher Refused Kids Aircon

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A parent is calling for an Queensland State High School teacher to be suspended, after the teacher allegedly berated and insulted the class, when the kids asked for the aircon to be switched on.

‘Get a life!’: Why Neil Breen says a Corinda teacher should be suspended 


Neil Breen is calling for the suspension of a school teacher after reports she refused to run an air conditioner. 

A Brisbane father claims on November 4, a teacher at Corinda State High School told her students she would only consider hitting the ‘on’ button if the temperature hit 40 degrees.

The parent claims the teacher berated the class about their lack of interest in climate change and called them “ignorant and selfish”.

“You know what? That teacher, she should be suspended. What an absolute, total and utter dingbat.

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Corinda State High School is in Brisbane, Australia, a subtropical city with a similar climate to Austin, Texas. Brisbane experiences prolonged periods of hot, humid weather in Summer, especially in high density suburbs. Note I am not suggesting Corinda State High School would in any way condone a teacher denying air conditioning to students.

Most teachers aren’t like this. I’m hoping this might all be a huge misunderstanding, like maybe the teacher cracked a bad joke, “don’t you care about climate change?”, before switching on the aircon, which in the heat of the moment was misunderstood by students.

But regardless of the truth in this case, there does seem to be a toxic minority of teachers who believe their mission is to brainwash and bully the children entrusted to their care, teachers who go well beyond the curriculum on climate issues.

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November 26, 2021 at 12:30AM

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