New protest variant emerges

It’s a sociological phenomenon. People will find a way around the censorship.

In the space of two months Lets Go Brandon has gone from pure R&D to full retail outlet:

Lets Go Brandon Store

Meanwhile on a different battle, a new protest variant has appeared

All around the world, apparently, the people are singing.

It starts a bit slow, but at the 45 second mark, there’s the “Hardware Store” version, then at 1 minute — the London massed choir rendition, strangely civilized and offensive at the same time.

It is as crass as it sounds.

If the crowds were signing You can stick your coal fired power up your @***, in mass rallies of tens of thousands, the BBC-CBC-ABC-MSNBC complex would be playing that as the lead story. Since they don’t, the rest of us need to share the news.

Plucky Bridgett takes on the Board of Supervisors in San Diego


Mariah Scary! Woman sings anti-COVID mandate version of All I Want For Christmas at California board meeting

‘I don’t want a lot for Christmas, just body autonomy,’ she started off. ‘I don’t care about the variants because of natural immunity.’

‘I just want my freedom now, the Constitution will show us how,’ she continued, off-key. ‘Make my dreams come true, End the state of emergency and acknowledge early treatment too.’

Ivermectin not just horse paste, and hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, and the Zinc. I won’t wear a useless mask, I don’t need to stay at home. And my kids should go to school, we don’t need to be alone,’ she sang.

‘I just want my freedom now, the constitution will show us how,’ She ended her performance. ‘Make my dreams come true. Baby end the emergency, let’s have a happy holiday everybody!’

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via JoNova

December 11, 2021 at 11:51AM

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