Fracking companies threaten government with legal action over ban

The complaint now, or one of them, is that geothermal is free to do things the hydraulic fracturers weren’t allowed to do prior to their ban, and which in part led to the ban.
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Fracking companies have threatened to take legal action over the government’s ban on the practice, amid the sector’s growing frustration at being left behind the UK energy revolution, according to reports – City AM.

The sector sent “pre-action correspondence” to the government after fears prompted by earthquakes in 2019 led to a ban on drilling, according to the Telegraph, which first reported the news.

Among the fracking projects that had to be abandoned after the ban, was one financed by billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe whose company Ineos wrote off £63m in 2019.

“We support the continued development of geothermal energy in the UK,” Charles McAllister, policy manager at trade body UK Onshore Oil and Gas told the Telegraph.

“However,” he continued, “we would ask the Government to look again at lifting the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in light of its approach to the regulation of seismicity from deep geothermal projects.”

The move by the onshore shale gas industry raises the possibility, if legal action against the government is successful, of the public funding compensation for the industry which was curtailed after repeated attacks on its environmental impact.

Original Telegraph report here.
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December 12, 2021 at 09:36AM

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