Austria says only the rich can go unvaccinated for £12,000 a year

Pause for a moment to notice what’s going on in Austria. Next year, if Austrians decide to hold off on getting an experimental vaccine it will cost £1,000 a month or £12,000 a year. The charge even applies to children as young as 14. For a family of four with high-school age children, we’re talking about an extraordinary £50,000 a year ($100,000 Australian pa). If people can’t or won’t pay, the penalty is up to one year in prison.

People with private jets will be fine of course, it’s just a weekends worth of fuel. They’ll be able to choose their doctors, their treatment and keep their jobs, or  maybe fly to Iran and get a good Australian vax instead?

As many as a third of the Austrian population is still not vaccinated. They are currently locked down while vaccinated people have been released from lockdown. In House arrest?

It’s an extraordinary, panicked, totalitarian move.

At what point do thousands of Austrians flee their homeland as political refugees seeking asylum from medical experiments?

Or perhaps that’s a feature — getting rid of those pesky independent voters?

Daily Mail

Austrians aged 14 and over who refuse Covid-19 vaccinations will be fined £1,000 per month as Vienna rolls out a jab mandate to last until 2024.

The country’s conservative-led government on Thursday announced the details of its plan to make coronavirus vaccines compulsory, as the country prepares to to end its lockdown on Sunday, that was announced last month.

Roughly 68 percent of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, one of the lowest rates in western Europe. Many Austrians are sceptical about vaccines, a view encouraged by the far-right Freedom Party, the third biggest in parliament.

Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein says this is not about punishment.

‘I say very clearly that we don’t want to punish the people who aren’t vaccinated. We want to bring them along, we want to convince them of this vaccination and we want them to show solidarity with everyone so that we can regain our freedom.’

It will start in 2022. The two opposition parties support it

Alexander Tschugguel says Austria is turning into a police state:

If you can’t see these videos in Firefox, try another browser.

If this doesn’t get millions out into the streets to protest, what will?

This was December 3 in the streets:

Help #Austria


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December 13, 2021 at 12:07PM

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