MPs Finally Wake Up To Biomass Scandal

By Paul Homewood



Burning wood to create power is a ‘scandal’, 50 MPs warn the energy minister in a letter today.

The letter – which has cross-party support – marks a major shift in political opinion over the burning of biomass, which is currently classed by the Government as a green form of energy.

The letter says the extra emissions produced by biomass ‘are the equivalent of three million Ford Fiestas on our roads’.

Organised by Peter Bottomley, Father of the House of Commons, the letter calls for a meeting with Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng to discuss ending subsidies to the Drax power plant in Yorkshire.

The plant supplies about 12 per cent of the UK’s renewable electricity, and is Europe’s biggest wood-burning power station.

The letter states: ‘The sacrifices constituents are being asked to make to reach net zero are huge.

‘Neither they nor we can understand why it was decided to give Drax £4 billion of subsidies from electricity bills to create even more carbon dioxide. This scandal demands an immediate response.’

Signatories include the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas and the SNP’s Ian Blackford. They say scientists warn that burning wood for energy will worsen global warming in the short term.

It’s a pity these MPs did not raise their concerns years ago, before the subsidy contracts were awarded. By law, they cannot now be rescinded.

And rather than writing to Kwasi Kwarteng objecting about the £4bn of subsidies, perhaps they should have written instead to Ed Davey, who awarded the subsidies when he was Energy Secretary.


December 17, 2021 at 04:12AM

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