The EU must give green light to nuclear and gas or face disaster – Net Zero Watch

Sawing off the branch of the tree you’re sitting on seems an unlikely sort of energy policy. However, it’s now the approach being pursued in much of Europe and elsewhere due to an obsession with the output of failing climate models.
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London, 22 December – Net Zero Watch has warned EU leaders to reject last ditch attempts by campaigners to prevent the EU’s planned green taxonomy for gas and nuclear energy or face a political and economic disaster.

Despite Europe facing its worst energy crisis since the Second World War, campaigners are trying to prevent the EU from easing and encouraging the investment in desperately needed new natural gas and nuclear power plants and infrastructure, says Net Zero Watch.

Both low-carbon energy sources are included in the EU Commission’s proposed “taxonomy for sustainable activities” which is reported to be tabled at the end of the year.

In recent days, climate activists including Greta Thunberg have launched campaigns against the European Commission’s new energy priorities which inform its planned green taxonomy.

Germany’s new coalition government is under pressure from green ministers to reject the inclusion of nuclear energy and natural gas in the EU’s new energy classification system.

According to media reports, the European Commission is expected to publish the draft taxonomy on 31 December, allowing for a few days of consultation.

The final proposal, expected to be published in mid-January, could only be blocked by a super-majority of EU member states. This seems highly unlikely in the midst of Europe’s deepening energy crisis.

Full article here.

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December 24, 2021 at 03:03AM

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