BBC’s Fake Climate Check


DECEMBER 24, 2021

By Paul Homewood

The BBC is finishing the year with another fake climate check, summarising 2021:


The introduction on the website tells us all we need to know. The video has nothing to do with “fact”, but is nothing more than climate propaganda.

It covers the following events, which I have covered individually during the year:

  • Canada heatwave
  • British Columbia floods
  • Floods in China, India & Australia
  • Hurricane Ida
  • Floods in Germany
  • Wildfires in Greece
  • Drought in East Africa

There is the usual nonsense about global warming making all of these worse. But there is no data provided to show that any of these events are remotely unprecedented, or that they are part of a worsening trend.

Indeed, you could come up with a similar number of “remarkable events” for pretty much every year on record.

In Greece, for instance, there have been many years with similarly severe wildfires, and double last summer’s burn occurred in 2007.

A few months ago, I wrote a summary of the world’s extreme weather fifty years ago in 1971:

It’s worth re-reading, but here’s just a few of the long list of remarkable weather events that year:

  • Sahel drought
  • Drought in India & China
  • Drought in Texas and Florida
  • Devastating wildfires in the US
  • 100,000 dead in N Vietnam floods
  • Major floods in Australia
  • Orissa Cyclone
  • Major floods in the US
  • Tropical Storm Doria
  • Hurricane Edith, a Cat 5 that hit Nicaragua
  • Montreal’s “Snowstorm of the Century”
  • Giant blizzards in Texas

Any one of these could have legitimately slotted into this year’s Climate Check.

I have now also delved back into the Archives for 1961, and will post it up in a day or so. I promise you that year was every bit as extreme as this!

Mea Culpa!

There is a brief footnote to Ben Rich’s video, where he talks about the Madagascan drought this year, but almost apologetically admits that scientists now say that this was not connected to climate change.

As we know, there have been several similar droughts in the past, so it did not take a genius to work this out.

Given that exactly the same applies to the rest of his list, maybe we can expect a similar apology next month?

Political Propaganda or Fact?

Ben Rich makes the purpose of his video abundantly clear with this closing statement:

“2021 has brought into sharp focus the impact that severe weather is having on peoples around the world.

Limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C was at the top of the agenda at COP26 in Glasgow, with scientists urging world leaders to commit to cutting GHGs, to stave off a climate catastrophe”

via Watts Up With That?

December 25, 2021 at 12:14AM

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