mRNA Vaccine Inventor Cancelled By Twitter

The inventor of the mRNA vaccine has been cancelled by Twitter for talking about mRNA vaccines. The tangled history of mRNA vaccines 10:35 AM · Dec 29, 2021

via Real Climate Science

December 29, 2021 at 02:56PM

One thought on “mRNA Vaccine Inventor Cancelled By Twitter”

  1. Robert Malone is not “the inventor of the mRNA vaccine.” He never made an mRNA vaccine.

    When Malone was a graduate student, over 30 years ago, he did research which eventually contributed to the development of mRNA vaccines, by others. He was the lead author of this 1989 paper, and he was a coauthor of this 1990 paper, but that was the last time Malone had anything to do with mRNA vaccines. He’s published nothing on the topic since 1990.

    Here’s a balanced article about it:

    The fact that Malone grossly exaggerates his role destroys his credibility. If he’ll misrepresent one thing, he’ll misrepresent other things, too. Ref Luke 16:10.

    It is ironic that the same anti-vaxers who claim that mRNA vaccines are new, experimental, and untested, also simultaneously claim that they were invented more than thirty years ago by Robert Malone. (Consistency tends to be challenging for liars.)

    I have a collection of trustworthy information about the Covid-19 vaccines, and related topics, on my web site, here:

    More than 1000 Americans per day are dying from Covid-19, currently, and most of those deaths are completely unnecessary, because they would have been prevented it the patients had not refused vaccination.

    Do not believe anti-vax lies claiming that the vaccines do more harm than good. The VAERS reports which anti-vaxers use to support those false claims do not mean what the anti-vaxers claim.

    There’ve been >9 billion Covid-19 vaccine jabs have been administered so far, (506 million in USA.)

    >0.002% of world population die each day.

    0.002% × 7 days/week × 9 billion = 1.26 million.

    That means more than 1.26 million people have died within one week of getting a vaccine jab, of causes UNRELATED to vaccination.

    Declining vaccination is very foolish.
    Don’t be fooled by anti-vax lies!
    Get smart!
    Get vaccinated!


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