Hundreds of e-scooters damaged after blaze breaks out in warehouse

By Paul Homewood.


Karma, I suppose!!



Hundreds of Voi e-scooters were damaged in a warehouse fire in Bristol yesterday (January 1).

The fire service arrived at 12.28pm and were still at the scene at four hours later.

As many as 200 scooters were damaged, while the fire also affected a number of their batteries. It is unclear at this stage if the blaze broke out from one of the scooters.

Eight crews and a ladder device were needed to tackle the flames, which also damaged the warehouse.

A spokesperson for the service said they monitored the situation throughout the evening to make sure the fire did not re-ignite, which they said is common in blazes caused by lithium batteries such as those in the scooters.

The cause of the fire is believed to be accidental, but an investigation has been launched. Representatives from the council and environmental health also attended the scene.

The fire service spokesperson said that the incident was dealt with "very effectively" alongside their partner agencies.

In December 2021, a long rental Voi began burning in a man’s home. The machine was billowing smoke prompting firefighters to race to the house..

These e-scooters really are wretched things, and are not safe to be on the roads or anywhere else. They are a danger to the public, and would not see the light of day if they were not seen as “climate friendly”.


January 2, 2022 at 01:21PM

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