There was an excellent article in the Sunday Telegraph by Ross Clark (January 3rd) giving us the facts about green energy. It is accessible at this link: Idealistic politicians are willfully blind to the inconvenient truth about green energy ( [ behind a pay wall]

Ross reminds us of former climate change minister, Chris Huhne’s comments made in 2011 when he said that green energy would "protect us from price shocks". Since then we have closed early all our coal-fired power stations – down from producing 31% of our power to 2.1%. They will be gone for good by 2024. But where is the benefit in terms of prices? 

Adjusted for inflation, prices of electricity have risen by 19% between 2011 and 2020. By next April they are likely to double, despite the fact that a barrel of oil costs less now than in 2011. Ofgem says that 25% of our electricity bills are made up of social and environmental levies.

If the government had gone ahead with fracking, instead of caving in to a small vocal minority, we could have had our own secure supply, instead of relying on Russian gas, where we are being outbid by the Chinese.

Claims that the cost of wind and solar have fallen dramatically in recent years do not take into account the huge cost of dealing with intermittency. At some times suppliers have been forced to pay up to 40 times the usual wholesale cost cost to keep the supply going.


via climate science

January 3, 2022 at 09:55AM

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