Washington Post pushes Twitter, Facebook to silence Milloy

Below is today’s Washington Post article (Web | PDF), where as it turns out, ‘climate misinformation’ is meant to mean Steve Milloy’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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Who else drives the bad guys this crazy?

Here is the WaPo attack in relevant part:

Here is the offending tweet referenced by the WaPo:

Is any of that false? Let’s see.

Colorado has a long history of natural drought. Here’s a reconstruction of the past 1,200 years. Note Line F.

La Nina can heighten the chance of drought.

Drought-causing La Nina can be triggered by solar activity… as per this 2020 Washington Post report.

Was the fire ‘manmade’?

There was an early report of a downed Xcel Energy power line. But that has been doubted as the downed lines were actually telecom lines.

But there have been no reports of lightning, so manmade is looking like the only explanation.

So my tweet hit on all cylinders and is hardly “false” or “misinformation.”

Backing up my hypothesis is the report below volunteered by a local. I confirmed the basic facts for Boulder: Rainfall in 2021 was significantly higher than average (20.68 vs. 18.1) — despite the drought of the past few months.

So why would the Washington Post launch such a nasty and baseless attack?

Early this week, I tweeted about the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang total forecasting fail concerning this week’s East Coast snow storm.

Ouch. I guess that one hurt someone’s feelings at the Washington Post. They say ‘payback is a bitch’ but here payback is just silly.

Finally I would note that the Washington Post went to both Twitter and Facebook to seek redress about my “bad” behavior.

Both seem to have declined to take action as of now. Good for them.

But I would note that Facebook has been forced to admit that its climate “fact-checking” is just its “opinion.” Here’s an excerpt from Facebook’s answer to John Stossel’s defamation complaint:

The same would apply to Twitter as well.

Please support JunkScience.com.
Who else drives the bad guys this crazy?

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January 7, 2022 at 01:42AM

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