BoJo’s Green Energy Britain: Cuddle Your Pets for Warmth

h/t Breitbart; Boris Johnson’s Green Britain has plumbed new depths of humiliating energy poverty, with the revelation that in 2020 Ovo Energy advised customers to exercise and cuddle pets if they couldn’t afford to heat their homes.

Energy firm blasted for telling customers to cuddle pets and do star jumps to keep warm

Ovo Energy customers have blasted the company that gave out advice like “cuddle with pets” or “hula hoop contests” to keep warm and avoid using heating with prices going up.

ByBen Bloch Tim Hanlon News Reporter
05:48, 11 Jan 2022

Britain’s third-largest energy supplier has apologised to its customers after it was criticised for giving advice like “cuddling pets” or doing housework to avoid putting the heating on due to price hikes.

Ovo Energy said it was “embarrassed” at the advice sent out to customers to avoid using the heating amid rising energy bills, reported BristolLive.

The email, seen by the Financial Times, contained 10 “simple and cost effective ways to keep warm this winter”, and they included suggestions like having “a cuddle with your pets and loved ones to help stay cosy” and “try cleaning the house”.

Other advice includes “challenging the kids to a hula hoop contest”, “doing a few star jumps”, and “keep your oven open after you’ve finished cooking”.

The email was reportedly sent to customers of SSE Energy Service, which was acquired by Ovo in 2020.

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There is no doubt in my mind that energy bills in Britain are a genuine problem. Boris Johnson’s green energy policies have inflicted unconscionable suffering on ordinary Britons.

When I lived in Britain, some of my neighbours could not afford to heat their homes – they survived winter every year in freezing cold houses or apartments, by bundling up with warm clothes and blankets, and consuming lots of hot drinks. These people, mostly older Britons who had worked and paid their taxes all their life, and trusted that the government would honour promises to look after their retirement, bore their hardship with fortitude and dignity. The heater always went on immediately when they had visitors. But I bet it went off PDQ when the visitors left.

One day I stopped one of my neighbours as he was leaving his home. The pavements were covered with ice, and he was attempting to hobble out on his cane to walk a mile to the nearest shop for groceries for himself and his wife, because he could not afford a taxi. The pavements were covered in ice because the council had run out of grit – they planned grit supplies based on MET forecasts of a warmer than normal winter. I had already slipped over twice on the ice.

I took care of their needs that day.

Given the inflation busting green energy price hikes of recent years, and the economic impact of Britain’s Covid lockdowns, it must be far worse now than when I left, especially for older people on fixed incomes.

I was fortunate, I could afford to heat my home, I was young and healthy and had a good job. But I could not deny the horror of the thought that one day I might end up just like my neighbours, living out my twilight years in a bitterly cold unheated house, risking my life hobbling across frozen pavements maintained by incompetent local governments, because I couldn’t afford a taxi.

For shame Boris Johnson. You were not Prime Minister on that day I helped my neighbours, but your inhumane high cost green energy policies have made life worse for millions of people who believed your false promise of a better future.

via Watts Up With That?

January 12, 2022 at 04:47AM

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