Bucha Massacre has NOT happened

My article Was there really a massacre at Bucha? (the answer is NO) was published in the American Thinker yesterday.

The inaccurate translation of Russian “братские могилы” (“brotherly graves”) as “mass graves” contributed to the confusion. In Russia & Ukraine, brotherly graves are used in war time to bury dead honorably.

Vysotsky, Brotherly Graves

No crosses are placed on brotherly graves,
No widows weep there.
Flowers are brought to adorn them,
And the Memorial Flame is lit.

Here the earth used to rear up,
But now – granite slabs.
There are no personal fates there –
All destinies are merged into one.

In the Memorial Flame a blazing tank is seen,
Burning Russian houses,
Burning Smolensk, burning Reichstag,
The burning heart of a soldier.

There are no weeping widows at brotherly graves –
Stronger people go there.
No crosses are placed on brotherly graves,
Does that make it any easier?

Watch out for YouTube. When you watch YouTube, YouTube watches you. This song is also available on Rumble https://rumble.com/vek1k3–…-r..html

via Science Defies Politics


April 10, 2022 at 11:24AM

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